Ready-to-Roll Racks

Note Regarding Ready-to-Roll Racks

North State Overland seeks to offer innovative, modular solutions to expand the capabilities of the Toyota Tundra (2nd and 3rd Generation) and Toyota Tacoma (2nd and 3rd Generation). To eliminate the need for drilling during installation, our racks make use of the factory-provided channels running the length of the bed rails (See Video, ‘DRS Installation’). Please note that the channel length on Double Cab Tacomas with the short 5.1’ bed will not accommodate our three-upright configurations (DRS-3); for this application, we offer a line of specifically-fitted two-upright systems – just look for the ‘5.1′ Bed’ tag. Systems without this tag are perfect for all other bed lengths (including long-bed double cab Tacomas and double cab Tundras).

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