Overland Expo Mountain West

Widely acknowledged as the world’s premier overlanding event series, Overland Expo Mountain West took off on August 27th and carried on through August 29th. These three days were packed with plenty to offer, with over 250 exhibitors making an appearance. Our team was given the incredible opportunity to exhibit along with them.

The weekend before the event, five members of our team geared up our Toyota trucks and headed to Colorado. Decked out in North State Overland equipment, including the Steel Cargo Box, our team was prepared for a journey that included long-distance travel, camping, and adventure – not to mention showcasing our first-ever exhibit at Overland Expo.

The first landmark reached was Estes Park, situated at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. After a long drive to Colorado, hauling a load of equipment ranging from camping supplies to product exhibits, the guys took a break to enjoy the extraordinary view of the Rockies. After taking in the scenery over a hot meal, the team was eager to get offroad to scout out campsites.The Steel Cargo Box and MOLLE Basket made organization simple, allowing camp to be set up and broken down painlessly.

After Estes Park, the team continued their journey through Hell Canyon Road. The views along the way were nothing short of breathtaking. The team was able to camp out at high elevation to enjoy the view. The roads were rough enough that the team – admittedly jumping at the excuse – shifted into four-wheel drive. The Dynamic Rack Systems on the vehicles met the challenge. The NSO Tacoma’s low-profile Scout Recon System allowed for ample storage without compromising stability over rough terrain. The Tundra followed suit, outfitted with our Explorer System boasting a Cargo Box for storage, a MOLLE Basket for wet goods, and two Modular Plates carrying recovery gear. Despite supporting the large Alu-Cab Expedition rooftop tent well above the height of the cab, The Explorer had no hesitations traversing the route.

There is certainly joy in the journey, but much can be said for the right destination. Mountain West was even bigger than the team expected. Upon arrival, they eagerly set to work on the exhibit. Looking to stand out among a vast crowd, standalone displays of the Dynamic Rack System and Cargo Box were displayed front-and-center. In support, the Tacoma and Tundra showcased the equipment that brought the team some 1,500 miles to Loveland. The days were packed with product demonstrations and discussing the adaptability of the racks. The team made fast friends with vendors and enjoyed the immensely welcoming community. The evenings especially were savored, bringing easy conversation and welcome respite from the blazing Colorado sun.


Authored by Kathryn Worley (November 2022)

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